co How Necessary Is A Facebook Page? |

Learning to work Facebook for business is unlike anything else you’ll do online. Setting a Facebook page for your business is one of the most important things that you’ll do online. But – and this is a big ‘but’ – pages cannot interact with other pages or profiles. So what should you do?

Facebook pages for businesses are important marketing tools. But you can’t leave a comment on someone else’s page as a page. You can only do that with a Facebook profile. So should your business have a profile on Facebook?


In fact, according to Facebook’s policy, businesses cannot maintain profiles. They can only have pages. But you, as the business owner, can have a profile. And you should.

The most effective Facebook marketing is to set up a Facebook page and to use your personal Facebook profile to interact with friends and fans while lightly promoting your page. I stress “lightly.” You don’t want to turn your fans off by constantly talking about yourself.

So, are Facebook pages important? Yes. But they become so much more important when you use them in conjunction with your personal profile.