co Bing Social Suggests Twitterers For Your Search Queries |

Bing Social is now recommending Twitterers to follow based on your search queries, but it’s rather flawed.

First, you have to click on the “Summary” link to see the recommendations, which is no big deal. But you’re only going to see three recommendations and I’d like to see more. Also, I don’t think the recommendations are necessarily helpful. I searched for “small business” and got Barack Obama. I narrowed my search to “small business marketing” and there were no recommendations at all.

Two observations: I understand that Barack Obama is a national political leader with public policies regarding small businesses, but if I am searching for “small business” as a search query then I’m not likely looking for a political answer. But I also realize that “small business” is a rather broad search term. That’s why I narrowed it down. Which brings me to my next beef – you can’t find any small business marketers on Twitter at all? That’s unbelievable since there are thousands of us.

I am willing to give Bing a free pass for a while. New roll outs need time for tweaking and correcting deficiencies. There needs to be some tests and retests. No problem. But I’d expect that this feature should be making strong recommendations within six months.

What do you think? Has Bing Social made a good public offering with this tool or have they gone the route of Google and made an overly ambitious attempt to create a useful tool that flops?