co Local Business Has A Head Start In Social Media |

With the right approach, social media marketing can be dead easy for local businesses. For many businesses, it can be a case of letting the customers come to you rather than you chasing your customers. Local businesses have a real life advantage over purely online businesses, and that is the customers that walk in through the door.

I recently noticed a small business inserting small leaflets with every product sold. The leaflet was well written and invited customers to follow them on Twitter for daily announcements and special offers, and to follow them on Facebook and their blog  for product news and general announcements. I couldn’t help asking the owner how successful that campaign was.

Their response surprised me a little but with thought, I am surprised it isn’t used more often. His response was simple – “we no longer chase after customers online, we let customers find and follow us – with a little help from the leaflet of course“.

It’s a clever approach and saves the business a lot of time. Yes, they do communicate using their blog, Facebook and Twitter, but they don’t spend a minute looking for users that live within their area. They use traditional offline marketing channels to do that for them and let the customers find their business.

Will it work for your business? It will depend on the traffic flow you have and how well you word those leaflets. However, it is low cost, easy to implement, and if your results are similar, could save you a lot of time trying to find customers through social media. Online businesses need to be more proactive in seeking out customers – you already have customers, so encourage them to engage with you online. The hidden advantage – they will bring their friends to you with little effort on your part.