co Is Link Building Dead? |

SEO, like all things, changes. Link building is one aspect of SEO that has stayed relatively the same over the years, though the search engines have grown increasingly stricter in how they approve links and the criteria for doing so. It is safe to say that link building isn’t dead. But – and this is a big but – the ways that link builders go about gaining and attracting links have changed to some degree.

For instance, directories are not quite the hotbed of valuable links that they once were. Sure, there are a few directories that do pass on good link juice, but at one time almost any directory passed on some link juice. That’s just not true any more.

One way to judge directories is to look at who’s submitting there. If you see a lot of spammy links in a directory then stay away from it.

Articles are another traditional link building tool. They still work, but article marketing doesn’t work the way it used to. At one time, article marketers could expect a link from an article directory. However, the search engines have put a stop to those links. But article marketing was never about getting a link from the directory any way. Marketers who did it right sought the end result of hundreds of links from other websites that picked up the article from the directory. That’s how it still works today.

But there are other, newer, ways to get links today than there were a few years ago. One way is through a WordPress plugin like Zemanta.

Zemanta is a tool that allows you to embed related content into your blog posts. As a blogger, it’s a really useful tool that can flesh out your blog posts more fully and give your visitors more service value. But as a marketer, it can even be more powerful. You can submit your blog to be used as related content by other bloggers. The good thing about Zemanta is it gives content publishers a choice about which content they want to present to their readers. If you consistently push out great content then you will definitely see some back links as other publishers choose your content to present to their readers.

As far as I can tell, these are good links. Plus, Zemanta gets a glowing recommendation from SEOmoz’s Rand Fishkin, which says a lot.

Link building hasn’t changed much over the years. It has changed some and if you want to find valuable links in today’s link marketplace then it helps to be creative in your approach to link building.