co Moot Point: Bing Is No. 2 |

John Battelle is proud of the fact that he predicted Bing would surpass Yahoo! as the No. 2 search engine. OK, one point for John Battelle.

Dear John, that’s not really much of a prediction. When you consider that Yahoo! has been on the downward slide for about two years now and that it’s been public knowledge for most of that time that Bing would be taking over their search functionality, well, that kinda spells it out for us, doesn’t it?

Of course, no one could predicted exactly when Bing would pass Yahoo!, but I think all of us with an eye on the search industry have seen it coming.

So what’s the big news? According to Nielsen, Bing now has 13.9% of search and Yahoo! has 13.1%. Google is still way ahead at 65.1%. But if you add the Bing and Yahoo! numbers, which I think we should all start doing now, then that spells 27% for the Bing-Yahoo! team. Ask and AOL are still way down the line.

In fact, AOL lost 1.1% of its share of search (to Bing) and I think we might just go ahead and expect AOL to bow out gracefully. It’s not really a search engine anyway. It’s an aggregator and always has been. But fewer and fewer people are using AOL and I think that will continue to be a trend. Who will pick up those users? Probably Bing.

What do you think? Will Bing ever be a true competitor with Google?