co Can You Go Viral Unintentionally |

Yesterday we talked about the new phenomenon called YouTube Instant. But what we didn’t talk about was how many people were talking about it. According to a WebProNews article, YouTube Instant received 270,000 visitors in three days. But that’s not even the amazing part.

What’s truly amazing is that the site developer spent just three hours building the site. And he did that just because he made a bet with a friend. So it’s not like he was even trying to build a site that would go viral. He was just passing the time.

This is truly an inspiration and a great example of how to build a solid, successful idea without overthinking it. Sure, you need to plan your work. But planning doesn’t necessarily mean spending thousands of hours poring over endless and unnecessary details. At some point you’ve got to get to work. And keep this in mind: Sometimes it is the simplest ideas that catch on the fastest.

I’m sure if you were to ask Feross Aboukhadijeh, he’d tell you that there is nothing simple about YouTube Instant. But there’s nothing really complicated about it either – from a user standpoint. Which is the beauty. Feross made it simple for users to find videos in real time. And he went viral. No planning. No fuss. No endless hours of work.