co Meet YouTube Instant |

We talked about Google Instant. In fact, we talked about it again. We may talk about it some more in the future. But right now I’d like to introduce you to YouTube Instant.

YouTube Instant is the brainchild of Feross Aboukhadijeh, a student at Stanford University. He talks about how he came to develop YouTube Instant and the ensuing media frenzy on his blog.

I’ve got to say that I’m particularly impressed with this website. You type in your search phrase and videos play in real time as you type. It looks like it is heavily weighted toward music and entertainment videos, but I did manage to find some business videos. I had to type in “business in” before I got to anything related to business (business intelligence). Then I typed in “small bu” and got a video on small business.

Is there a way to use this for your marketing? I’m sure there is – if you can figure out how the algorithm works that delivers the videos in real time. I think one of the keys is to have a popular video on YouTube as the popular videos are more likely to be found easier through a search.

One thing that would make YouTube Instant more valuable, if Feross doesn’t mind the suggestion, is to make it embedable on other people’s websites. A YouTube Instant widget would likely lead to more use and give Feross greater exposure as well.

Another idea is to provide a category search feature where video searchers can search for videos in real time by category. Good job, Feross!