co Is Google Instant Good Or Bad? |

Google has always been an innovator. Of course, they’ve done their share of following too. But in the core business where Google makes its money, it is an innovator. Google Instant is the latest development by the search engine to maintain its leading edge and competitiveness over other search engines, particularly Bing.

So what is Google Instant? In a word, the search engine has changed its search feature to give you results as you type them in. The net savings, in time, to you is a few seconds for each search. But if you perform a lot of searches throughout the day then you’ll save a lot of seconds. Seems like such a small deal, but when you go to use Bing it will seem awfully slow.

Looking around the web, I’ve noticed a few other headlines about Google Instant. I think you’ll want to read some of these.

I think the important thing to think about here, from a marketing perspective, is how will this change search behavior? If it changes search behavior in any way, and we won’t know for at least a week how it will change, then search marketing behavior must change with it. I say give it a month before making any judgments either way.