co How To Increase Twitter Followers With One Simple Website Tweak |

If you’ve been struggling to get more Twitter followers then there is one thing you can do to ensure you get your heart’s desire. It’s easy to implement and the pay off is very good. But before I tell you what it is, examine yourself to see why you want more Twitter followers.

If you want more Twitter followers because everyone seems to want more then you are doing it for the wrong reason. More followers does not translate into more close sales.

If you want more Twitter followers because you think it will mean more sales, more revenue or more (fill in the blank) then you are doing it for the wrong reason. There’s no direct one-to-one correlation.

So what is a good reason to want more Twitter followers?

The best reason I can think of for wanting more Twitter followers is to increase and expand your reach. Period. But understand this, adding more Twitter followers may not increase the number of people you actually get your message in front of. If all of your Twitter followers are also subscribers to your e-mail list then you’re only reaching the same people through a different medium. The key then is to offer then something they aren’t getting in their e-mail.

Twitter is a conversation stream, not a marketing stream. Don’t spend your time sending endless advertising messages. Get to know your followers and have a conversation with them. That’s how you make Twitter work for you.

Now, how can you add more Twitter followers just by tweaking your website? Put a simple icon on your site with a link that invites your visitors to follow you on Twitter. A strong call to action will increase your Twitter followers. But you’ve got to make sure you are giving something of value or they won’t stay your followers for long.