co Why Aren't You Blogging For Your Small Business? |

Matt McGee does it again.

Just when you thought everyone you know would be starting a blog soon, statistics show otherwise. Only 1/3 of U.S. companies have a blog. And only 43% will have one by 2010. These estimates are from a report by eMarketer.

But even more startling are the growth of business blogs in the past five years and Matt McGee’s bold, bold statement:

I won’t provide consultation services to companies that don’t blog.

That’s a pretty strong statement. If a small business Internet marketing consultant won’t provide consulting services to businesses that don’t blog, doesn’t that say something about how important these little marketing tools are? It should.

In 2007 only 16% of U.S. businesses had a blog. Now, just three years later, a little more than twice that many do. But it makes you wonder why more businesses aren’t blogging when the benefits are so clear. There is probably no online marketing tool that delivers as much targeted search traffic as fast and that can achieve greater search engine rankings so well. But I guess not everyone knows that.