co Can Social Media Advertising Provide A Better ROI |

One of the difficulties that many small businesses face is that of competing with larger businesses, especially when it comes to PPC advertising. Larger businesses often work on smaller margins so they can afford to bid a little higher for keywords. This can see smaller businesses priced out of the popular PPC markets. Social media advertising could well be an option worth exploring.

Facebook is a prime example where advertising can be targeted based on demographics rather than keywords. You will often find that social media advertising is also less restrictive when it comes to issues such as quality scores and the tight rules that search engines like Google often apply.

If you are struggling with PPC campaigns through traditional outlets like Google, then a little research in what social media sites require is definitely worth considering. StumbleUpon, while not always delivering traffic that converts, can deliver traffic at just five cents per click.  Facebook traffic will be a little more expensive, but often far cheaper than Adwords for example.

There are a lot of coupons around at present offering $50 or even $75 trials of Facebook ads. If you haven’t trialled Facebook yet, or any of the other social media sites, check them out; give them a trial run (especially if you can find one of those free coupons); and compere them to your current campaigns. There are many businesses that are now reporting much better conversions and a much higher ROI when compared to traditional PPC.

We are in period where the online world has become extremely competitive. As a small business, you need to find every opportunity available to gain that edge on your competitors. While they are bashing their heads with Adwords campaigns, you could be cleaning up through social media advertising.