co PPC For Small Business - Google Provides Dedicated Forum |

Google have introduced a special area in their Adwords forum specifically targeted towards small business. Appropriately named ‘Small Business Corner’, it allows small businesses that use Google Adwords to come together to discuss what works, what doesn’t work, and how to get the best out of their ad campaigns. PPC for small business can be difficult as business owners tend to manage their own campaigns rather than employing professionals.

The Google small business blog best sums up the forums intentions stating:

The Small Business Corner is designed to give those of you who are running your own AdWords accounts the opportunity to share best practices in discussions with your peers so that you can make sure your AdWords account is doing all it can to support your business goals.

Areas of interest that small business owners can share include tools used to help with PPC campaigns and measuring results, and how to craft winning ads.  In the offline world, small businesses have regularly come together to form associations where they can discuss and share business ideas. Google’s Small Business Corner is only one of a number of small business forums, however, as it’s directly related to Adwords, it may make for an interesting place to share ideas.