co How Video Can Help Small Businesses Develop Trust |

There is one aspect of small business that is generally not promoted often enough online. That aspect? The fact that they are small; they can be personal; and that the person you are talking to is most likely the owner.  If it is the owner you are dealing with then you know it’s in their best interest to provide a good service. When it comes to big business, the person you are talking to is a wage earner and their vested interest is in their paycheck each week – not necessarily you.

Small businesses have capitalized on this in the bricks and mortar world for decades. I am somewhat surprised that online businesses are not also promoting their size as being a benefit to customers. Trust is always an issue for many customers and small businesses have access to a tool that can quickly resolve some of these trust issues and that tool is video.

All it takes is a short video in which the small business owner introduces themselves, their products or services and perhaps what their web site has to offer customers. The one thing missing from the online world is that face to face contact. While video is only one way, it certainly provides a means to communicate with customers, and for customers to see and hear who they are dealing with.

Short videos like this can do wonders for an online business’s trust factor. Of course, it is important that you come across in the video as being trusting – but that’s something that you will need to work on. Video marketing doesn’t have to promote a product,  it can be used to simply build trust, and for small businesses, it can serve them much better than large businesses.