co Bing Now The No. 2 Search Engine |

According to a report by Chitika, Bing has passed Yahoo! as the No. 2 search provider in the U.S. Google still holds No. 1 with more than 80% of all searches.

This isn’t really that a big a deal. Since Bing is taking over Yahoo!s search technology anyway, and that move should be finished by the end of this month, it really just means that Bing can count more searches in its share than it could before. With Bing holding onto 11% of the searches made in July and Yahoo! at 6%, that means the No. 2 search engine has the lion’s share of the 19% of search share that Google doesn’t have with a total of 17% of the complete pie.

Bing really passed Yahoo! in January of this year when it garnered more than 7% of search and Yahoo had just over 6%. Google at that time had 83.59%. Since then, it seems, Bing has taken a couple of percentage points away from Google. Now the question remains: Can Bing take any more search share from Google?

It will be a long road uphill for Bing, but I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. What do you think?