co Using Facebook For Guerrilla Advertising |

Dennis Yu has some good ideas on using Facebook for advertising. Specifically, some of the things that I like about his approach include:

  • If you’re a small business then you can use these strategies to move in on your larger competitors
  • Advertising on Facebook using these methods is direct targeting in ways that you can’t do off line
  • It’s easy to sneak up on your competition
  • You can give the impression that you are bigger than you are just by advertising
  • I particularly like the “Switcher Campaign” model

Facebook has been criticized for not being as effective as PPC, but I think we may be seeing some evidence of change in how Facebook rolls out its advertising. If they can prove that Facebook advertising is as effective as PPC advertising with Google AdWords then we might see some legitimate competition in the online advertising space. At any rate, Facebook advertising looks like it could be worth a look-see.