co Google Kicks Off Small Business Blog |

Earlier this week Google launched a small business blog. It’s a significant development for Google, and for small business owners, for a number of reasons.

  • First, have you noticed that all of Google’s blogs are on Blogspot, the free blog host? It’s another way for Google to promote the free blogging platform although I recommend that you get your own domain name and run it with WordPress.
  • Google has been catering to small businesses for some time, but not all small business owners know what Google has to offer. The small business blog gives them a chance to see first hand.
  • Google used its small business blog yesterday to announce a partnership with the U.S. Small Business Association in “Tools for Online Success.”

When Google, the largest search engine online, tells small business owners that it’s time to have a web presence then you know it’s time to get a web presence. In a few years it won’t have to be said. Small business owners will just know. If you’re not online now, you’re late. But it’s never too late.