co The Changing Face Of Small Business - Are You With It? |

Online small businesses are not quite the same as their offline cousins. In the world of bricks and mortar, customers find your business through a variety of channels with the most important being walk/drive by traffic. We don’t talk about location for no reason – it’s highly important. Online businesses don’t have that same advantage.  To make small business internet marketing even harder is the fact that the goal posts are continually moving, search engines are continually changing their ranking factors, and new marketing channels seem to come and go on a daily basis.

What is good news for online businesses is the growth in numbers when it comes to internet use and internet shopping. Consumers are now turning to the internet to help them find bricks and mortar businesses and this can have interesting results. What if they find your online business while looking for a bricks and mortar business? Can you convince them to deal online rather than driving down the road to make an instant purchase?

That is just one of the hurdles that online businesses have to jump – yet strangely, they are slowly winning that contest. Consumers are being swayed to pay today and receive next week when they could walk down the road, perhaps pay a dollar or two more (sometimes less) and receive the same product in their hand.

Social media marketing, reputation building, search engine optimization – I could go on. They are all coming together to have a huge impact and for small business, its great news. The one thing that has become evident is that size is irrelevant online. A small business can be just as successful as a big business, often more so. Where small businesses struggle to compete in a bricks and mortar world, they are finding success online.

The online business world is continually evolving and growing. As an online business owner, you cannot use a set and forget strategy any more (if you ever could). You need to stay up-to-date with the latest in marketing opportunities, the latest changes to the way search engines handle search, and the way consumers interact online. If you’re reading this, at least you’re in the right place to find that information.  Small business internet marketing – it’s become a niche in it’s own right.