co Why You Might Invest In Multiple Domain Names |

There are several reasons why, if you are a small business owner, you might want to invest in multiple domain names.

  • You can market toward different segments of the same population
  • As a competitive business strategy
  • To capture more traffic
  • To prevent yourself from losing traffic
  • Reputation management

There may be more reasons than these. But if you are a small business owner then you might consider some of these reasons for investing in multiple domain names for your business.

Marketing to different segments – Let’s say you sell childrens toys. You might have the website You could also purchase and and sell only toys that appeal to each gender. By marketing to different segments of your target market this way you could build your business with more diversity and get more.

Competitive business – If you own then you might also buy up and to prevent your competition from getting them. Point them to your main website just in case anyone types in those domains directly into their browser window.

Capture more traffic – Along the same lines as marketing to different segments, multiple domain names targeting the same keywords could bring you business on both websites.

Prevent losing traffic – People typing in your domain name directly could misspell it. If that happens they’ll get an error page – unless you own the misspelling too. Redirect that misspelling to your main website to recapture what might have been lost traffic.

Reputation management – This especially works well for brands. Instead of letting competitors, angry customers or disgruntled former employees from buying up domain names similar to yours and attacking you, buy them up and put content on them for reputation enhancement purposes.

As long as the World Wide Web is the wild, wild west you’ll need to look out after your own interests. Owning multiple domain names can be a part of your overall Internet marketing strategy.