co Are You Talking "At" Or "To" Your Customer? |

Cynthia Boris asks a very good question:

Should companies attempt to emulate the tweeting habits of the consumer in order to fit in? Or should there be a clear dividing line between corporate behavior and personal behavior in social marketing?

This question really gets to the heart of Twitter and social media. Individuals, whether consumers or small business owners, tend to start and join conversations. On the other hand, corporate brands that use social media do not engage on that level. The tweets tend to be more one way. Is that a good thing?

I don’t know that I’d say corporate tweets should try to “emulate” consumer tweeting behavior, but I would say that there should be some level of personalization involved in the Twitter marketing. Just because you tweet about corporate brands, Macaroni & Cheese and the latest gizmo doesn’t mean you can’t get on a personal level with your audience. Even large corporations are run by humans. I think we should give all business marketers our permission to be human. Don’t you?