co Is The Definition Of Content Changing? |

In the old days of the Web, if you said anything about content you were likely talking about words and graphics. Not much else. And the graphics weren’t really all that sophisticated. In fact, it was during those days that the phrase “Content is king” came into being.

But the idea of content has changed quite a bit since then. Content is anything that you can put onto your web page. Anything.

Videos are content. Audio files are content. Photos are content. Graphic design is content. Even widgets can be considered content. Articles are content. Links, even, are content. Did I leave anything out?

This brings up the obvious question: What will be considered content in the future? You never know what new technology will come along and change the face of the entire Web, or at least a part of it – perhaps that part of it that you are responsible for building up. And whatever that technology may be, you can bet we’ll call it content.