co Why Hyperlocal Blogging Could Be Your Ticket To Success |

If you run a local business then you might be tempted to write a marketing blog just like everyone else does, but is that the right approach? It might not be. But I wouldn’t say that categorically.

There are times when, as a business, you might want to do something a little more out of the ordinary – like write a blog that is a community-oriented, community-driven hyperlocal blog. The big question is, Why?

Think about your audience for a minute. Let’s say that you are a service business that can only deliver its service from a storefront. You can’t do it online, in other words. Therefore, your customer base – your target market, if you will – is inherently local. Why not target local geographic keywords, in addition to your niche keywords, to attract your local audience.

Suppose, for example, you run a local body shop. You work on automobiles. You could write a blog that keeps tabs of local accidents – in Minneapolis-St. Paul, for instance. If you could get photos and video footage of local automobile accidents, or run accident reports picked up from the local police and fire departments, and comment on those then that might be something people would read. Instead of promoting your business, you promote safe driving. Be sure to put your business logo all over the blog and let people know you are the primary sponsor. You could even sell advertising to other businesses related to auto body work such as auto mechanics and auto parts stores.

I think the idea of hyperlocal blogging is almost here. It’s just a matter of time before it takes off like a rocket. And it could be sooner rather than later.