co Will Social Media Reach A Tipping Point? |

Social media just seems to keep growing and growing. Will it reach a tipping point any time soon?

Frankly, I’m not sure what the tipping point of social media might be. This is a difficult question to answer because I think there are tipping points for many online marketing strategies. Let’s examine a few.

  • Article Marketing – When Google announced that it would no longer count links from article directories, suddenly, article marketing wasn’t as important any more.
  • Directory Submissions – When the link market was so saturated that directories just became spam boards then no serious marketer spent nearly as much time searching out directories for site submissions. We all began to stick to the tried and true.
  • Link Buying – Google announced that sites caught selling links would be penalized severely, then they proved it.
  • Blogging – Still has not reached its tipping point.
  • Display Advertising – When PPC took over. Actually, the tipping point for display advertising probably was when Google introduced Google AdWords.

I think social media is a long way from a tipping point, but if it ever gets to that then I think it will be because something better has come along. What that something better might be is anyone’s guess. But I do think that search will likely reach a tipping piont before social media does and that might not be far off.

The web is in a constant state of change. It’s also social by nature, which mean that social media is the natural state of the web. That likely means there will never be a tipping point.

I think the thing for all serious online marketers to do right now is embrace the Web, embrace social media and embrace the change.