co How To Target Women Online |

If your target audience consists mostly of women then, according to this article by WebProNews, you might want to consider social media marketing. Consider the following statistics:

  • 75.8% of all women online visited social networking sites in May 2010
  • Women view 57% of the pages on social networking sites
  • Women account for 56.6% of the time spent on social sites
  • 94.1% of Latin American women are on social networking sites
  • 91% of women in North America are on these sites
  • 85.6% of the female population in Europe visited social networking sites
  • Globally, women spend 8% more time online than men
  • Women spend 20% more time on retail sites than men

In all the categories mentioned, women held a higher percentage than men. It seems that it might be easier to reach and market to women online than men. If your product or service appeals to women then it is clear that online marketing works. Social media, in particular, could be a marketing channel you should consider pursuing.