co The Rapid Change Of Pace For Online Marketing |

It seems that the more things change (online) then the faster they change. As Huey Lewis once crooned:

The more something changes
The more it stays the same

Online marketing is in a constant state of flux and because of that you can be pretty sure that it will always be in a state of flux. Things are never the same and never will be. Ever since the early days of search engine marketing and directory submissions, marketing a business online has been about finding out where the traffic is and tapping into it.

But these days that’s a little bit more difficult to do. When there were only 3,000 websites online you could hazard a better guess about where your couple of hundred potential clients would come from. But with millions of websites online and millions of potential customers, there is a heck of a lot more to think about. And you must be willing to say no to a few things.

Heading to where the latest fad hangout is might or might not be a pay off for you. Does your target market hang out there? If not then you shouldn’t either, no matter how popular it is. On the other hand, if that’s where your target market is then you’d better be there.

Chasing traffic is the name of the game. But not just any traffic. It’s got to be the right traffic for your website. And you can be sure that the Internet one year from now will be a completely different place than it is now. Don’t fear it, embrace it. And change with it.