co Why Craigslist Is Simple Local Marketing |

If you’ve ever used the classifieds in your local newspaper then you’ll appreciate Craigslist. You’ve probably even used it. Maybe you listed a garage sale item for sale, or maybe you bought something from someone who posted on Craigslist. Maybe you picked up something that was offered for free there. But that’s not all you can use Craigslist for. You can also use it to expand your business.

There are two basic ways you can use Craigslist for your business. You can list jobs that you might have and find employees or you can list your services. Craigslist has a category for both.

But if you really want to get real at marketing through Craigslist, beyond just listing your products for sale like everyone else does, join one of the forums. Don’t go in there marketing yourself. Just join in and have fun, meet people, enjoy yourself. Focus on developing relationships. It’s a lot like other forums, except that Craigslist is a local forum that services your city.

For instance, you can go into one of the community forums for the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and just meet people who are local to you. Get to know them on a personal level before you start trying to market your services. Not in a coy way, but just in a casual way.

Craigslist is more than just a classified ads site. Think of it as a hot forum for your local area. And join in, have fun.