co How Twitter Can Assist Your SEO With A Single Tweet |

If you are members of multiple social media networks you can sync your networks with your Twitter feed and improve your chances of SEO. All the major search engines now include Twitter in their real-time search results. That means every tweet you send has the potential to rank in the search engines – at least for a little while – for specific keyword phrases that you target. But that’s not all.

You can also have your tweets rank at other social media networks.

Let’s say you have your Twitter account synced with Facebook, LinkedIn, Mixx, BlogCatalog, Plaxo and a half dozen other social networks. When you update your Twitter feed it will notify the other social networks that your Twitter feed was updated and they will pull your tweets in to share with your audience on those social networks.

For example, Mixx will bookmark your tweet automatically as a result of you updating your Twitter feed. As will BlogCatalog.

The search engines will crawl those sites and see your tweets. If they match the algorithmic preferences of a particular search query then those bookmarks or updates could rank, giving you search rank position on secondary sources. How cool is that?