co How Twitter Is Going For The Jugular |

For a couple of years now Twitter has been the subject of much discussion about future monetization plans. The subject that has been on everyone’s minds is, just how will Twitter make money? But that may not be the biggest question to ponder.

What I’m about to tell you seems rather obvious now that I think about it. But the truth is, I haven’t really thought about it until now.

You know those pesky URL shortening services? There used to be just a few that affiliate marketers would use to mask their affiliate links so their incomes couldn’t be ripped off. Or savvy webmasters would use them to cloak their redirects. Since the advent of Twitter, however, everyone uses them – mostly to keep their messages under the 140 character limit.

Well, what if Twitter had its own URL shortener?

Here’s the secret: Pretty soon it will.

So why is that important? Because the URL shortener, according to the August 2010 issue of Website Magazine will also include metrics so that users can see how effective their tweets are.

While there are some URL shortening services now that provide that service, Twitter’s own URL shortening service with metrics could be competitive enough to shut some of them down. And if that happens then Twitter’s monetization plans could include an upgraded service for businesses.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Twitter’s URL shortening service becomes widely available.

What do you think? Will you use it?