co Are You A Facebook Pitcher? |

If you’ve been on Facebook for very long then you’ve likely run across the “pitcher.” She’s the person who has to pitch you on her new and improved product offering, or the old and worn out one that didn’t work last year either.

The Facebook pitch usually comes in two forms and neither one of them is very effective as a sales tool.

  • Facebook Pitch #1 – The first kind of Facebook pitch is the one that takes place in public. You write on someone’s wall something like, “Come to my website and see the wonderful new fastastic widgetizer in four different colors!” and then you graciously provide a link. If you’ve done this then you’ve likely discovered that it doesn’t work. About the only thing it manages to do is annoy people and you probably will end up losing connections, which is sad because for every friend you lose you also lose access to their entire network of friends.
  • Facebook Pitch #2 – The second kind of Facebook pitch is less public, but it’s not any less annoying. You become friends with someone and then start sending them Facebook messages with offers like “Thanks for being my friend on Facebook. Try out my new widgetizer – it’s free.” Then you provide that wonderful link of yours. Again, Facebookers find this practice annoying and if you send out regular Facebook messages to your friends with those kinds of offers in them you can expect to start losing friends fast.

You will see yourself a lot more successful on Facebook if you just pretend you’re at some big party and just socialize. That’s why they call it a social network. The goal really is to socialize and network. If you do that well, you’ll likely manage to snag a few customers along the way.