co Where Should You Place Your Shopping Site? |

While we were all sleeping, Google became the No. 1 shopping site online. And TheFind became No. 2. Both sites had to pass Yahoo! to gain there positions. What gives?

Yahoo! has been falling steadily for years. Google overtook Yahoo! as the No. 1 trafficked website earlier this year. Before that it was Facebook. All that Yahoo! really had going for it was that it could say it was still the biggest online shopping site. But no more.

So does this mean that e-commerce vendors, online marketers and e-tailers should give up on Yahoo! and just focus on Google? No, that would be an unwise choice. Yahoo! is still at No. 3, not off the radar yet.

Besides, traffic is traffic and it doesn’t matter the source. If you get any traffic from Yahoo! then it’s good. But I’d say the site to look for right now is TheFind. If you are an online retailer, marketer or e-commerce vendor then you should diversify your marketing channels. Don’t cut Yahoo! out. Cut all the others in.