co Does Off Line Promotion Work For Websites? |

If you own a brick and mortar business and you’ve done some Internet marketing then you’ve likely discovered that there are some great ways to promote yourself online – some for free and some for a fee. But can an online business promote itself off line?

First, let’s define an online business. If you do business online, even if you have a website that promotes a brick and mortar business off line, then you are an online business. The way I see it, your online presence is pretty much a business of its own. It may be a reflection of your brick and mortar business and be branded under the same image, but your virtual business has its own drive as well.

So for the sake of this blog post, consider your website and online business presence a separate entity from your brick and mortar store. Can you promote it off line?

Not only can you, but you should. There are some online business models, of course, that would not do well with off line promotion, but if you are a local small business with an online presence then off line promotion should be one of your major initiatives. When you run your TV and radio commercials, mention your website. Add your URL to your newspaper ads and billboards. When you give speaking engagements, mention your website. These are all legitimate ways to promote that website of yours and the payback is tremendous.