co Best Words To Share On Facebook |

In a HubSpot webinar today I learned something rather interesting. If you want your Facebook status updates to be shared and spread as wide as possible there are certain words you can use in your updates to make that more likely to happen. I’ve never thought of this before, but the list is interesting. From best to least best (all of these are good):

  • Facebook
  • Why
  • Most
  • World
  • How
  • Health
  • Bill
  • Big
  • Says
  • Best
  • Video
  • You
  • Apple
  • Media
  • Top
  • First
  • Obama

By contrast, the worst words to use in your Facebook status updates are anything related to Twitter, iPhone or geek and tech-related words. In essence, Facebook has more of a mainstream audience whereas Twitter has more of a tech- and geek-oriented audience.

Here’s my takeaway: It is no longer a question of either/or with Twitter and Facebook. If you have a geek or tech oriented audience or sub-audience within your niche then there is a place for you on Twitter. But you have a completely different and viable audience on Facebook.

I also learned that if you use the word video in your update then your status update is more likely to be shared. Do the same on Twitter and it likely will not be shared. Now what can you do with that information?