co How Content Gurus Set You Up For Failure |

Scan the headlines and read the writing of major content gurus – the A-list – and you’ll soon discover that you are expected to be every bit as popular as they are. Just listen to the advice they give:

  • Be THE authority in your niche
  • Create anticipation among your audience
  • Answer the most pressing questions of your readers

Are they expecting too much?

Let’s face it. There is only room for so many superstars. Not everyone can be Michael Jordan or Babe Ruth. If we were all that extraordinary then being extraordinary wouldn’t be so – well, extraordinary. Would it?

Here’s the key to marketing, whether online or off line. Be yourself and do it well.

You don’t really have to be a superstar to be good at what you do. Maybe you’ll achieve superstar status in your own neck of the woods, but should you shoot for it? I say don’t shoot for superstar status. Just shoot for excellent in all you do and be yourself. If you are true to you then you’ll be true to your audience and your audience will be more likely to want to connect with you.

That’s what content marketing is. It isn’t about seeking a status.