co E-mail Marketing And Social Media Will Merge For SMBs |

I’ve written about it before – e-mail marketing going social. Now, it seems, eMarketer is agreeing with me.

There was an interesting survey conducted by Aweber. A good number of small business owners are looking for ways to make their e-mail marketing more social. And it’s no surprise to those of us who have been doing it awhile that it’s a fairly easy thing to accomplish.

I was really excited to see that small business owners want to offer e-mail list sign ups on Facebook and other social media outlets. That’s a good idea. But equally good is the idea that your e-mail marketing messages can have the social sharing buttons that you see on popular websites. Wouldn’t you like your e-mail readers to be able to more easily share with their friends on Facebook and Twitter?

Of course, many big businesses have been doing this for awhile, but small business owners are a little behind and I think 2010 and 2011 are the years that we will catch up. What do you think? What are you doing to be more social with your e-mail marketing?