co How Social Authority Is Measured |

A company called Sysomos produced a report on who is following the top brands on Twitter. This is an interesting study because the report focuses on three types of Twitter heavyweights:

  • Celebrity stars
  • Social media marketing leaders
  • News media

All the companies involved in the report have a high number of followers on Twitter, however, only the social media marketing leaders consistently attract Twitter followers with higher authority rankings.

Types Of Users These Twitter Users Attract

Most of the celebrity stars attract more users with low authority – 0 or 1 – while all of the social media marketing leaders attract a high number of followers with authority rankings of 4 and 5. The news agencies have a more diverse range among them. It’s interesting to note, though, that the online agencies attract Twitter users with higher authority.

This all makes you wonder just what is used to rank authority and why it’s important.

Factors used to judge Twitter authority include:

  • The number of followers a user has on Twitter
  • The number of Twitterers the user is following
  • The number of updates a Twitter user has
  • The number of retweets a user submits
  • Other similar measurements

What Social Media Authority Is

If you look across all social media you will see similar stats. While some social media websites measure these statistics differently, or have their own unique stats, bear in mind that your social authority is measured by how well you engage your audience across all social media marketing outlets. Your social authority has less to do with how many people you connect with than it does with the authority of the people you connect with.

For instance, if you are like a celebrity star and attract a lot of low authority followers then you may not reaching your full social authority potential. Popular stars can get away with that type of Twitter following because their followers are likely not engaging with them directly. They are likely just following to listen.

On the other hand, if you attract a following of social media users who interact with you on a regular basis and have high authority themselves then you might have fewer followers overall but have a higher social media authority based on the level of relationships you are capable of developing on social media websites.

In social media circles, a high social authority means you are connecting and engaging. A low authority may mean you are just there to listen.