co Is Craigslist Online Marketing? |

Believe it or not, many small businesses are able to market themselves online through a simple site called Craigslist. It’s a really simple site, mostly free, with several classified categories for businesses. All you have to do is follow the Craigslist guidelines.

It’s not hard. You first should sign up for an account with Craigslist so you can keep track of your ads. They usually expire after 30 days, but you can keep track of all of your ads in one place when you have an account.

You might also need to authenticate your account. Certain categories require authentication.

Then it’s just a matter of posting the right ad in the right category. But be careful that you follow the guidelines. Craigslist is not too keen on linking out to other websites and if you violate guidelines someone will flag your ad and it will be removed.

The best way to get attention with a Craigslist ad is to just state what you offer, be honest and give a phone number. Also be sure to anonymize your e-mail address while allowing people to contact you by e-mail. You’ll get more responses that way and less spam.

Craigslist is not a website that you’ll make a full time living from, but you can get a little extra business from there if you do it right.