co Twitter Is No. 3 In U.S. |

If you knew that Facebook is the No. 1 social networking site in the U.S., congratulations. But did you know that Twitter is No.3? And can you guess which site sits at No. 2?

No, it’s not YouTube. And it’s not LinkedIn. Try again.


Yes, that MySpace. And you thought that site was history.

Take a look at the World Map Of Social Networks for 2010 and you’ll see the results. Around the world, Facebook is weighing in as the No. 1 social network. Twitter is either at No. 2 or No. 3 in most countries. But MySpace is in the top 3 only in 4 countries and at No. 2 only in 1 – the U.S. It is no at No. 1 anywhere.

Where else is MySpace popular? Australia, Germany and Italy.

Honestly, though, I think MySpace is on the way out. I think Twitter will make major moves this year and next and other social networking sites like LinkedIn will as well.

What do you think? Will MySpace stay in the top 3 social networking sites in Germany, Australia, Italy and the U.S.?