co How Web Design Can Increase Your Income |

Website development is part science, part art. The science part is in the coding and developing your marketing strategy based on solid historical and trending data that you know to be true. For instance, we know that user eye tracking studies have demonstrated the hottest part of a website are in the top left corner of the page and the bottom right, with lesser hotspots in between in a zigzag fashion from left to right and down.

The art part of website development is the web design. You want your site to be attractive. You want it be functional, but attractive.

So how do you achieve both functionality and attractiveness and can the aesthetic aspect of website development (web design) increase your revenue? You bet it can.

There’s an old saying among web developers – “An ugly website that makes money is more attractive than a pretty one that doesn’t.”

That may be a true statement, but even more attractive than an ugly site that makes money is a beautiful website that makes money. And you’d better believe that your visitors will judge your business by the attractiveness of your website just as they judge your business by how you dress.

So when it comes to ensuring that your website is profitable, make sure that you plan its functionality well and don’t leave out its attractiveness. Make sure your web designer is in his best form.