co Does Twitter Need An Analytics Component? |

Twitter has acquired a company that offers analytics and that can be good and bad. It’s good if you want to measure the ROI of your Twitter strategy. But it’s bad if you come to find out that your Twitter strategy is a bomb. Or that could be good if you can turn it around.

Analytics is a very important tool for marketing. And marketers love to measure things. Especially ROI.

One of the biggest questions I get as a Twitter user and a consultant that recommends Twitter to a good number of my clients is, “What is the ROI of Twitter?” It’s not an easy question to answer.

ROI is to Twitter as sales are to your company telephone. Or ROI is to your phone service. You can use your phone to make sales, but you can also use it to order a pizza, which takes money out of your pocket. Do you factor that into your telephone’s ROI?

Your Twitter ROI boils down to one thing: You can’t measure the ROI of a tool – and Twitter is a tool – but you can measure the ROI of a strategy that tool is used to implement. Start a telemarketing campaign and you can measure your ROI. Start a Twitter marketing campaign and you can measure your ROI. But you need a measurement tool and that’s where the analytics comes in.

Twitter acquiring an analytics company can be a good thing. If it helps you measure your Twitter marketing strategy ROI then it’s even better.