co Google Speeds Up The Web With Caffeine |

Google has finally rolled out Caffeine completely for the public. And if you’re wondering what that is then brace yourself because it’s pretty significant. It’s significant from a search perspective as well as a marketing perspective.

For searchers, it means that information can be found a lot more quickly. For marketers it means that information will be indexed a lot more quickly.

Google explains that the old indexing system had most websites going for a couple of weeks before you’d expect to see them in the search results. Google Caffeine makes that process a lot more immediate and that’s very important from both a search perspective and a marketing perspective. The downside is that Google is also indexing more of the Web and that means more potential competition for you. So your marketing had better be right on cue.

Of course, Google hasn’t given up on relevance. And neither should you. Focus on your website content on relevance to your audience using the best keywords for their search habits. Let Caffeine do the rest.