co Is Web Marketing Too Saturated? |

Everywhere you look now someone is hawking the latest greatest gizmo, gadget, widget or thingamajig. Even service businesses. But is web marketing overly saturated?

Facebook has millions of users daily, many of them businesses trying to get their pitch in front of everyone else. Millions more are Twittering. Then they’re Stumbling, Digging and spamming the search engines with this and that. Is it too much?

It may very well be, but we could say the same thing about other media in the past – TV, radio, billboards, newspapers, you name it. Over the years, consumers have learned to filter out the bad brands from the good brands using common sense, advertising gimmickry discernment and personal preferences. The way of the Web won’t change that much.

The big difference is that people do not go online to be bombarded with advertising messages. In fact, many people go online to escape them. And then they find them anyway.

In an overly saturated Web full of marketing messages, most of which hawk products that aren’t worth using, how does a small business owner get his or her message out to the right audience at the right time without tapping into the annoyance factor? It’s real simple, really. Market in moderation.

Yes, that’s my solution. Use your online time to focus on building relationships and only send out marketing messages moderately. This will reduce the annoyance factor while still giving you the opportunity to reach your target market with your products and services, but it puts the most important part of marketing first – the relationship.