co How Traditional Media And New Media Flow Together |

Facebook has seen a rise in advertisers by 400% since 2009. Meanwhile, traditional news media are losing advertisers left and right. Is there a connection?

You bet your bottom dollar there is. Google has been the recipient of lost revenue for newspapers for some time now. And it could be Facebook’s time. But that’s not all.

The Associated Press is now including social media references in its stylebook to let journalists know how to cite their online sources. I suppose that’s a good thing considering that Danny Sullivan just tore them all a new one for not doing so.

Traditional news media have been accusing bloggers of stealing for a while now. Danny Sullivan, once a traditional journalist himself, this time turned the tables on them. But it seems that news has a way of circulating, both online and off line.

In this world of Facebook and Google, small businesses should understand that traditional media (aka marketing) and new media (online marketing) really go hand in hand. They may be stealing stories from each other (and advertising revenue), but when it comes to marketing your business, you can play to both fields. And you should.