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You can call it Web marketing 101 or The First Step To Successful Web marketing. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what you call it. The first step is a necessary step. As the Chinese say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

So what is the first step to running a successful Web business, or in getting started on Web marketing? You’ve probably heard it before, but you need a website. Yes, your first step to successful Web marketing is to get a home page – a hub.

Your hub is the central location of your Web enterprise. Think of your Web presence as a sort of web of its own. You have the central station and from that all the other branches flame out. Your website is your central station. Everything else you do goes to support that. Your social media, your Twittering, your e-mail campaigns, pay per click advertising, blogging – everything you do online should go to support your home page efforts, your central station, the hub of your home on the Web.

So if you want to succeed online, the first step is to get a website. Do you have one?

A Definition of Marketing Web Marketing

Web Marketing can be an extremely frustrating and expensive exercise if we mistakenly view it as merely an advertising function. Any discussion of Web marketing should be preceded by a definition of exactly what we mean by Web marketing: marketing is not just sales, or advertising, or promotion, but rather a combination of all these functions plus more.

” Web Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, services, organizations, and events to create and maintain relationships that will satisfy individual and organizational objectives.”

This definition seems to satisfy all the basic requirements of web marketing; a recognition of which must made before we can proceed to creating a successful Web marketing campaign.

Six Critical Elements of Web Marketing Campaigns

If your web marketing efforts fail to deliver the results you would like, it may well be thanks to a scarcity of resources, or a lot of seemingly the dearth of possible expectations and patience. iweb marketing could be astrategic exercise requiring a commitment to a semipermanent comprehensive arrange, not a short-run fix to forminstant sales. Concentrating your resources on complete advertising and promotional efforts while not considering the a lot of vital abstract web marketing framework could be a prescription for disaster.

Ultimately most business managers come back to comprehend that one-time advertising and short-run big-splash ads ar a waste of your time and cash, however the lure of quick-fix firearm advertising supported old style broadcast and print distribution volume appears to be a business addiction that’s arduous to kick. Even deep-pocketed companyadvertisers keep ploughing cash into tv advertising that has wittingly become progressively unsuitable and ineffective.

With the growing realization that the net marketplace isn’t what it accustomed be, a lot of and a lot of corporationseach massive and tiny ar turning to the net as anotherweb marketingg surroundings capable of reaching a distributed diaspora of ‘Long Tail’ (Chris Anderson, “The Long Tail”, Wired Magazine) interested prospects with a relevant unforgettable web marketing message.

Realizing that you just currently have associate degree economically viable transmission platform that evens the web marketing enjoying field, you need to fastidiously contemplate a way to proceed. If you only transfer your ancient print advertising and marketing mailings to the net, you’ll be left behind.

Any business will place along a prosperous Web-based selling arrange if they take the time to outline the six essential components of a Web-marketing campaign:

1. Marketing Purpose

2. Marketing Objectives

3. Presentation Vehicle

4. Information Format

5. Marketing Venue

6. Achievable Expectations

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