co And Yet Another Twitter Post |

Yep, I’m talking about Twitter again. A New York Times article got my attention. Here’s one thing that caught my eye about the article:

DO NOT BE BORING … But there was an issue. Mr. Vahey’s first impression of Twitter could be summed up in six characters: boring. So he decided to make his account edgy, occasionally rude and always entertaining. The shop’s Twitter bio: “ice cream with attitude.”

Matt McGee’s summary of the article is quite apt:

* First of all, listen
* Do not be boring
* A live version of a FAQ
* Create a focus group
* Soapbox for thinkers
* Starting small is fine

This can be your Bible for small business Twittering. But don’t take it to mean that you have to do all of these things. The point is that you can make your Twitter stream anything you want to be – for your business. But I think the “Don’t be boring” rule is non-negotiable. If you’re boring, people will leave.

Why is that? People see Twitter as a way to connect with other real people. Show your true self. If you’re not boring in your real life then why would you be boring online?

The key to marketing online, whether it be Twitter, Facebook or your blog, is to capture people’s interest as fast as you can. You can’t do that if you’re boring. So I’ll sum up Matt McGee in two bullet points:

  • Listen
  • And don’t be boring

And then I’ll add one more: Be strategic.