co Newspapers Enter The SEO Business |

Who’s better qualified to sell SEO services than your local newspaper? Well, Wal-Mart started selling SEO in 2007. Now, your local newspaper is getting in on the action. I guess we could conclude that SEO is in very high demand.

If small business owners didn’t have a crooked eye on the SEO industry before, they should now. With local newspapers selling SEO services I don’t know what should happen next. In case you haven’t heard, newspapers haven’t been doing too well lately. They’re not selling a lot of advertising so I guess SEO services are in.

Now for the obvious question: What do newspapers know about SEO?

Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

No, I thought not.

When you’re in the market for SEO services, why not go to an SEO specialist, someone who has actually done it and has proven their ability to do it again and again? This is one of those times when I vote for local punk kid with a hole in his jeans.