co Are You Using Twitter Correctly? |

One of the best articles on Twitter I have seen in a while is this one by Duncan Wierman. The gist of the article is NOT to build your Twitter list of followers with quantity in mind, but to build it to be an effective niche list instead. I concur with that completely.

One of most striking paragraphs in the article is this one:

The average Twitter account has changed dramatically since July. The number of followers the average account maintains has jumped from 70 to 300. This has led many accounts to increase their number of postings. In July, the number was in the range of 119. Today, it has jumped significantly to 420.

Are you following the trends? Are you just trying to get more followers, thinking that by doing so you are increasing your effectiveness? If so then you’ll be in for a real disappointment. You’ll like be one of those marketers making one of the following statements:

  • Twitter doesn’t work
  • Twitter is a waste of time
  • You can’t make money with Twitter

In truth, none of those statements is true. It does work. It isn’t a waste of time. And you can make money on Twitter. If you approach it in the right way.

So ask yourself some hard questions. What are you on Twitter for? What do you hope to get out of it? Why are you doing it? And are you approaching it with the right frame of mind?

Bottom line: Twitter is what you make it.