co Where Is The Web Headed (And Where Is Your Place Within It?)? |

I’ve been reading a lot of interesting news stories in the last couple of days. There are some real gems:

  • Yahoo! purchased Associated Content
  • Carl Icahn sold most of his Yahoo! shares
  • Google released Google Wave to everyone
  • Facebook is closing in on 500 million users
  • Google acquires huge VOIP company that powers its competitors’ IM platforms, including Yahoo! and Baidu
  • YouTube hits 2 billion views per day
  • MySpace and Facebook expand mobile apps

So all of this has me wondering: Where will the Web be in five years?

Five years ago, did anyone think that Facebook would be the most trafficked website online? Did anyone think that Google would acquire YouTube and that YouTube would become the second largest search engine online? Would anyone have conceived of Twitter?

All three of those developments have occurred within the past five years. What will we see five years from now? Do you wonder?

Better yet, what will your role be in the Web? How will you fit in to the overall picture? You’d be better be thinking about that now because when things change (and they will) you’ll need to re-poise yourself to the Web as it will be then. Will you be ready?