co What's A Squeeze Page? |

A squeeze page is the name given to a single web page whose sole purpose is to collect e-mail addresses for an opt-in mailing list. Now for the obvious question: What’s the benefit to having a squeeze page?

The big benefit to having a squeeze page is that you can build your mailing list faster. It’s a strategy that online marketers have borrowed from direct mail marketers in print. Build your list and build it fast.

A good squeeze page will have minimal content on it – just enough to sell the idea of giving up an e-mail address. However, the search engines have now begun taking a harsh view toward squeeze pages that have very little content and they aren’t very likely to rank well. So the common practice now is to put more content on the squeeze page. That content could be a video or audio presentation, a multimedia presentation or a couple of extra pages that give more information about your list and your product or services.

Now for the million dollar question – Do they work and should you use them?

I can’t answer the second question for you, but I will answer the first one. Yes, they do work – if they are well written and contain a strong call to action. Everything on your squeeze page must present a strong desire in your prospect to give you his or her e-mail address and join your opt-in list. Do it right and the pay off is big.