co Does Linking Out Have Benefit? |

There has been a lot of emphasis by Google to include inbound links in its ranking algorithms. But little is ever said of outbound linking. Is it beneficial?

To read Aaron Wall, you wouldn’t think so. But I think it does benefit. Maybe not as much as those coveted one-way inbound links, but they benefit.

I think the problem that Aaron has with the link graph is that the linking game tends to benefit big players with a lot of money more than small business owners like you and me. That just means that we have to get a little bit more creative in how we promote our websites. Truthfully, there’s no shame in getting the lion’s share of your traffic from Bing or Yahoo!

Too many webmasters are chasing after Google like a jock after the prom queen. But Google is just one source of traffic, albeit an important one.

When it comes to outbound links, does Google reward websites for doing it? I think so. I believe it’s included in the ranking algorithm, though I can’t say how much the reward is. I do know that if you link out to authority sites that are relevant and that have no big issues (like warez, spam, etc.) then you’ll be doing yourself a favor to let Google know you associate with those authorities by linking to them. That will work in your favor if these conditions are met:

  1. You don’t do it too often;
  2. You don’t do in a spammy sort of way (which isn’t necessarily too often); and
  3. You link to the right sites with the right anchor text.

Are outbound links as important as one-way inbound links? No. But they can help you in certain ways if you do it well.