co Can You DIY Your SEO? |

There is a lot of information about search engine optimization floating around online. Much of it is misinformation. And a lot of that is by well intentioned people. Take it all with a grain of salt.

Professional SEOs, and many of them A-list SEOs with big name brand recognition, will often share their “secrets” – for a price. But their secrets will often contradict the popular techniques you’ll find in forums and back room conversations. Do you wonder why?

I have a theory:

  • First, big name SEOs don’t really want you to do it yourself. They want your business so they have no incentive to tell you how to SEO your website – unless, of course, you pay them.
  • In fact, professional SEOs of any caliber really have no incentive to see you SEO your own website. Therefore, any free advice you get is suspect.
  • Your best free SEO advice can often come from other small business owners like yourself who have no interest in earning a living as a professional SEO. That’s because they’re too busy selling their own products and services to sell you an e-book or take your money for SEO consultations. So if you want free advice about SEO then your best bet is to talk to a small business owner who did it themselves. But do they have the time?
  • Because professional SEOs don’t really want you to do it yourself they will often provide you incomplete information or pass off a myth as a fact so that you try to do it yourself before getting frustrated and calling on them for help.
  • The rest of us just go about our business of optimizing our web pages.

That’s a raw theory, but if you think about it then you’ll realize that professional SEOs have one interest and one interest only – to sell you their services. Some of them are good SEOs; don’t get me wrong. Many others are just trying to get your money.

If you really want a well optimized website and you can’t afford to pay an SEO to help you do it then you’ll either need to befriend a successful small business person who is not a professional SEO or you’ll need to spend the time on trial and error. Do you have that time? If not then at least find yourself an honest SEO. One that will tell you the truth for the right money.