co Web Design Vs. Web Development |

If you’re fairly new online then you might be wondering, What’s the difference between web design and web development? Trust me, there is a difference.

Web design deals with the attractiveness of your website. Web designers concern themselves with elements of the web page such as header graphics, footer layout and look, sidebar width, navigation design, etc. It’s an important task, but if you expect your web designer to ensure that your website reaches its fullest potential in functionality then you’ll likely be disappointed. That’s the web developer’s job.

I don’t mean to denigrate or demean web designers. Their job is important and many of them do good work. But if you are planning to build an e-commerce website that will make you money then you need a web development team that specializes in those types of websites. It’s not easy to build a multi-tiered website that is functional, attractive and that has the type of architecture built into it that will get your customer to buy.

Web developers care about more than just attractiveness. The are experts in getting your shopping cart functional and the navigation between your categories right on. Without a knowledgeable web development team on your side it is next to impossible to succeed at e-commerce. It’s a lot of work and it requires a well thought out plan.